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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero Hunter View Post
    Did it though? I remember starting to get really really bored with every Flash story being about the Speed Force and the whole Flash family every storyline back during Waids run. It was fun at first but when you have that many speedsters in one book the stories always had to be centered around speed and that got pretty damn boring by the end of Waids run.
    I'm right there with you. Overall Waid did have a great extended run. However, it did get old after awhile. Several of those Flash family stories don't age very well. He introduced a great overall concept... he developed his central character. He also had some hamfisted dialogue... and his second and third runs were shadows of his first run. The strength of Waid's run was that he never lost sight of keeping his title character the focus even with the Flash family present. Williamson is bringing back the Flash family but in the desire to try and please everyone I fear that he won't have the focus on the title character that Waid had.

    I am definitely enjoying Williamson's run so far. If you read his interviews and follow him on twitter he does seem a little bit of a Waid fanboy. That makes me nervous... he is bringing back the entire Flash family and adding even more new speedsters. So we may be going back to a Waid style run or a copycat version... but without the focus on the title character. I hope I am wrong about that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    I liked all of Waid's stories, but he really did over-use the Flash Family / Speed Force storylines. The Return of Barry Allen, Terminal Velocity, Dead Heat, Race Against Time, Chain Lightning, "Dark Flash". They stopped feeling like special events. Geoff Johns was wise to give those stories a rest, so that when Blitz came around it felt like a big deal again.
    That is why I've always thought Johns had the superior run, plus I think his stories age better than Waid's. I do think Waid was more imaginative.
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    The kids were awful. I'm still against Barry being back. It ruins one of the most pivotal moments in the history of the DCU.

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