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    Quote Originally Posted by Godzilla2099 View Post
    Too Soon. This movie should be about building Venom's Character. Save Carnage for later

    Sony is rushing this.
    Well, if that wasn't obvious beforehand...

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    Now I don't think Marvel/MCU have made a bad film now there have been some mediocre ones but none I'd call bad. Now Raimi made two Masterpieces IMO with Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, 3 isn't awful to me you can see where the studio messed it up and Amazing Spider-Man was good to me, Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a mess IMO. Now I don't care if Sony or let's say Universal with their Dark Universe I'm starting to think these Studios need to watch 2008 Iron Man if they want to start a cinematic universe Marvel seemed so restrained now they had one Shield Agent Coulson who at the time was a comic character he was a random agent and a end credit scene promising a possible bigger universe. Even Hulk released that same hear some mentions of a 40's Super-Soldier program and after credits scene of Tony. This throwing everything including the kitchen sink never works I get they want that Marvel/Disney Money but they'll get it if they take their time...

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