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    Default Favorite Star Wars YouTube Channels?

    What are your favorite Star Wars channels on YouTube? These are my mine:

    I absolutely love this one. He puts a lot of effort and research into all of his videos and has a vast knowledge of everything regarding SW. And his vids have information that you probably won't find anywhere else unless you do a lot of searching and research on your own:

    Here's another great channel. Again, the guy is very knowledgeable and has some very interesting vids:

    And I like this one too, although I don't really care about the game play vids, I do enjoy watching the trailers and other vids:
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    Star Wars Explained is good.

    Hello Greedo is good too.

    My favorite Star Wars YouTuber, though is Nathan Butler. A guy with a long history of involvement with Star Wars fan projects (and some official ones, too), he posts a variety of videos including stuff on different home media releases of the movies, video game play throughs, and the occasional editorial. He's extremely good at explaining things and making rational arguments and cases in a fanbase where rationality is not always that common. (Butler also keeps a nice Star Wars fan chronology and co-hosts an excellent Star Wars podcast (that focuses primarily on non-movie media).

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    Any channel that regularly posts Battlefront II mods.
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    I watch Star Wars Explained sometimes. I enjoy it, though he posts about the novels very quickly and I'm way behind, so it's hard to avoid novel spoilers.

    I'm a big fan of video game Let's Play videos, and my two favourite LPers have dome Star Wars games. Here are some links to some channels or playlists:

    Get Daved, my favourite LP video maker, did a few:
    -KOTOR II (jointly with another channel, WhyCalibur):
    -TIE Fighter:
    -X-Wing Alliance (first video has no sound, but the rest work fine):

    Also, WhyCalibur has done a bunch of TOR LPs. Most of the class stories, and then took his Agent through Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Shadow of Revan, and Knights of the Fallen Empire.

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    Not a YouTube channel, but definitely worth mentioning:
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    The Stupendous Wave is pretty cool.

    They make a lot of Star Wars lore & what if videos. Most of them are pretty entertaining.
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    Hey all,

    I really like : star wars explained / Hello Greedo / Star wars HQ / Stupendous wave / the official Star wars channel / collider jedi council (depending on the hosts)

    I used to like Dash Star but for some reason i think he got really nit picky with certains things and it started to bother me....

    Ialso like a few podcasts : ForceCenter and The Resistance Broadcast (from the guys of )

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