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    Default Rose (Kelly Marie Tran)-possible spoilers

    With all the speculation about Luke, Snoke etc. there hasn't been a lot of focus on this new character, played by Kelly Marie Tran.

    She's showed up at the convention in a pic or two, and in Vanity Fair. According to filming reports and other things, she apparently goes on a mission with Leia, Finn, Poe and BB8 to the "Casino Planet" Canto Blight, perhaps to get some important information, or to get some extra help for the resistance with what's left of the Republic (Led by Laura Dern maybe?). Some set photos have shown her and Finn riding a space horse. It's been mentioned she's a resistance mechanic, and that she has a sister-Paige-who is a gunner.

    Kelly has been mentioned as a new lead in many sources, so perhaps she's a bit similar to Lando-at least in a screen time sense-who was introduced in the second chapter of the original trilogy. It's also been speculated that she might have a romance with Finn or Poe...any thoughts? Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    Well Admiral Holdo's ships are shown with Resistance colors in the teaser. I kinda think that Poe/Leia/Holda will be the storyline on that.

    I think Finn and Rose will back up Poe. I have a hunch that Rose will be tossed in via her sister getting killed and Finn appeals to her the way Rey did to him to get Finn to join. She doesn't want to fight but now has to. I think it would be good to have her romance Finn so there's some tension when he meets up with Rey again. But I would be okay with no romance this trilogy.
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