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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaelforce View Post
    No, but she did know both of the women and the director stated that she intentionally avoided talking to any of the family so she could interpret things as she wished.
    I'm aware I just don't see why that is such a problem.

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    You who don't like it in it's present state, actual events aside, what did you think of the film as a film?

    If you for example pretend it was a movie called "Tutor Mathew Wilhelm Winston and Inamorata the incredible"
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    I liked it quite a bit in spite of its political stumping. Unlike a lot of modern filmmakers, Robinson did the spadework necessary to establish the characters as reasonably three-dimensional.

    Aside from probable inaccuracies regarding Wonder Woman, there are also assorted errors regarding the comics industry and the anti-comics ban. However, I allow Robinson some artistic license, because Wonder Woman was one of the comics-characters whom Wertham most singled out. So even if Marston passed away before the worst of the anti-comics crusades got started, it seems appropriate to do a conceptual "face-off" between Marston's liberalism and Wertham's blue-nosed censorship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by friendly-fire-press View Post
    Looks cool.

    On the subject, I think it's time Harry G Peter also received credit for co-creating Wonder Woman
    I don't think he actively collaborated on stories, but he should be credited with having come up with an artistic approach that always looked "clean" even though the subject matter could be rather dicey.

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