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    Default UK v. USA v. Russia... May v. Clarkson v. Hammond...WW3!

    Like it says on the tin.

    After a freak election result caused by a certain Alien Emissary(she went to buy ice-cream with money she stole from the tooth fairy, causing both probability and causality to break down...) James May is elected Prime Minister of the UK, Jeremy Clarkson is elected Prime Minister of Russia, and Richard Hammond is elected President of the US!

    In the spirit of The Grand Tour? They decide to see which one is GOING STRAIGHT TO WW3!

    The Producers of TGT decide to go in the order of:

    -1 TV season of information warfare, trying to get the enemy's populace on the their side and forcing regime change
    -1 TV season of Cold War
    -1 TV season of insurgency warfare
    -1 TV season of conventional hot war
    -Final season of all-out NUCLEAR WAR!


    Who can lead their empire to victory?

    ...and who blows themselves up?
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