DC labelled some of their comics as DCTV--but not WONDER WOMAN. They gave the DCTV label to the SUPER FRIENDS comic and it had its own continuity which fit with the cartoon show. Granted, with E. Nelson Bridwell writing it--he being such a nut for continuity--he brought in all kinds of deep continuity that even the regular DC books never had the time for. Nevertheless, the SUPER FRIENDS title was very much in its own world and never overtly acknowledged in the regular DC titles.

SHAZAM, WELCOME BACK KOTTER and ISIS were other DCTV titles. ISIS and SHAZAM! crossed over with each other--and SHAZAM was in continuity with the previous Earth S! stories--but the other titles didn't cross over with each other or other titles. Although the thought of a WELCOME BACK KOTTER and SUPER FRIENDS crossover is a stunning idea. If WONDER WOMAN had been labelled as a DCTV title--and even better if it had E. Nelson Bridwell and Ramona Fradon working on it--then all my objections would have fallen away and it would probably be one of my favourite comics of all time. It only exists in Lucien's library, I guess.