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Are you serious? Satan? Peter losing a part of his soul? Mephisto won? I don't know what you've been reading, but it's definitely not been ANY Spider-Man comics, because neither of those things happened in OMD. I don't like the story, but it wasn't some great loss or whatever that overshadows everything else. Once again, you people are letting your religious beliefs dictate what you want your stories to be like, and I'm glad Marvel isn't trying to make this about religion. I understand why people want OMD to be undone, because it represents one of the greatest regressions of the character (which have become something of a theme in Spidey comics since - the latest regression being this upcoming Fall of Parker storyline) but let's not confuse story faults with ideological disagreements please. Comics are here to appeal to all audiences, not just to Christians.
Your assuming I'm religious and a Christian...which I'm not.
Mephisto is Marvel's Lucifer/Satan,that's a fact...and Peter made a deal with evil! Peter went against himself and everything he purports to stand for and believe in, just in order to achieve his own selfish and self centered desire to save an old woman who wanted him to let her go so she could be with Uncle Ben!