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    Default The Apporter Mesh

    Hello to every comic book fans !

    I was reading the new Warren Ellis serie and I fell upon a term I have trouble understanding. (I'm not a native english speaker.)

    Here is the context : the hero has a device which allows him to go through any solid surfaces. It's called the "apporter mesh"

    I understand "apporter" is an unusual word in English which can be used in a supernatural context but still...

    I wondered if some good samaritan could provide with some precisions, synonyms or anything that might help me understand better.

    Here's the page (last panel)

    Thank you all !

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    No clue . . . may just be an idea Ellis has. Have you read any interviews with him to see if he explains it there?

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    Okay here's my idea:

    A mesh is usually a metal fence with very small holes/squares in it. Apporter sounds like French to me, as in 'to deliver'.
    So maaaaybe the apporter mesh is a device which allows the user to teleport between the holes of reality/molecules, to deliver themselves to a different location?

    The Ant-Man film had a similar idea, where somebody could shrink down to smaller than an atom to move through solid surfaces like metal.

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