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    Now that production has begun, let's be careful with spoilers, particularly with offsite links.

    Please don't just post a link because people will have no idea what they're clicking on. A little context in your post goes a long way
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    Quote Originally Posted by juan678 View Post
    I love the late, lamented Deirdre as much as the next Corrie fan, but let's hope Diana isn't stuck with those fugly glasses, just because she's in the 1980s.

    Anyway, I think those type of glasses had gone out of fashion by 1984. I remember having similar such glasses when I was a dorky teen in high school, in the 1970s, but in the 1980s I started wearing John Lennon glasses which better suited the old-timey look I had to sport at my summer job as an historical re-enactor.

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    Video from the set:

    I get a "fish out of water" vibe from Pine/Steve in the scene they're filming.

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    It's not about 'deserve' it's about what you believe. And I believe in Love.

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    By the gods, Magala made a mystic mirror twin of Steve Trevor while he was on the island!

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    Quote Originally Posted by My Two Cents View Post
    Did Wonder Woman attract two marvelous Women to the role
    or did the role elevate Lynda and Gal to becoming even
    more beautiful inside and out?
    Its an understatement. Wonder Woman could become in a class of her own icon for generations to come. There is a fine space between male bashing and female empowerment. I want to tell it to Brie Larson before Capitan Marvel is out to be more like Lynda and Gal.

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