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    Quote Originally Posted by Citizen Kane View Post
    Assuming anyone will remember the New 52 by that time.
    I think people will generally remember the New Fifty Two. If people will remember Rebirth 20 years from now, then people will remember The New 52.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiegePerilous02 View Post
    I know it's all a matter of opinion and everything, but I honestly disagree. Superman felt more like Superman than he had felt in a loooooong ass time, at least in the Morrison run. Peter felt like a complete stranger compared to the man he was before, and being responsible in-story for tossing away his maturity and happiness so Quesada could live through him vicariously and bang multiple hot women instead of being married to one
    Well, again, most would disagree. To a lot, Superman in the New52 was not who they had read for several years and was not who they wanted to read. And, yes, OMD did take away some of Peter's maturity, but the New 52 took away pretty much all of Clark's. Superman before New 52 acted at least like a MAN. Superman in the New 52 acted like a bro.
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    Fanboy language can get so stupid. What the hell is a "bro" even supposed to be in this pejorative sense? Its so laughably ill-defined. Someone just made up "Superbro" and it caught on with absolutely no meaning behind it. Is it supposed to be akin to the "dumb jock" persona? If so then that's so not what he was. Is it because he was big and showed off his muscles or something? Or wore a tight fitting t-shirt sometimes? Then don't look now, but every time any Superman incarnation threw on a tight fitting tank top and worked out or did some farm work, he was being a "bro". What about when he walks around topless? Which is something that manages to get shown off quite often. Know what post-Crisis Superman techincally debuted in before he had his costume and he saved Lois and the Constitution from crashing? A form-fitting black t-shirt! Even a "cool" jacket! OMG he's a bro! The term has absolutely no meaning other than trying and failing to single out one particular version of Superman for things every incarnation did/does.
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