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    Quote Originally Posted by Adset View Post
    sounds a lot like me -- for marvel, i'm down to ultimates, infamous iron man, and daredevil, and i've lost (or am about to lose) the first two.

    great series. picked it up on a whim when the first volume came out right after secret wars and i'm sad to see it go.

    i see no reason why ewing shouldn't be writing a relaunched fantastic four. assuming he'd want the job, that is.

    I think he would do a solid job on ff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr MajestiK View Post
    When we the last time any Black character got to really "cut loose" in a Marvel comicbook?

    T'Challa's being chumped into the ground in his solo book by Coates, Nighthawk was written into cancellation and then summarily killed off in Occupy Avengers by David Walker so I guess the chances of Blue Marvel really unleashing to his full potential is frankly speaking, zero to none.
    I dare say this issue proved you wrong on many many MANY levels, not just about Adam one shotting a Hulk but also with T'Challa defeating Logos. But you probably wanted some feat like "Adam punching the first firmament in the face" because he needs to be written powerfully, man!


    Personally I enjoy Spectrum and T'challa (when he's not written like Batman) while I find Blue Mrvel to be just another rip off of Superman complete with "fortress of solitude" and supergenius intellect on par with Reed Richards.

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