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    I give it a big fat "D"...would have been an "F"...but Slott is ending PI so it got a better grade from me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmyb52 View Post
    I give it a big fat "D"...would have been an "F"...but Slott is ending PI so it got a better grade from me.
    I was actually the first person that gave it a grade lower than a B. I gave it a D, and I wondered if I was being too harsh.
    Currently, 13 people gave it a D and 5 people gave it a F.
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    I gave it a D because the last issue completely ruined the whole Volume in hindsight.

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    It is a slight improvement over the last volume (from mediocre to just boring, but hey is an improvement), so i give it C, there's nothing truly horrible, is just yanw inducing for the most part.

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    I give it a C. It's still fun at times, but overall the series has gone downhill since Superior for me. I was not a fan of Parker Industries or the end to the Clone Conspiracy. Call me old-school, but I miss the main supporting cast, including MJ, Black Cat, and folks from the Bugle, as well as more NY City-based stories. I do think Anna Maria Marconi is great, and the best supporting character to come along in many years. Though not perfect either, I've been enjoying Renew Your Vows more lately.

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    I gave it an A

    love slots writing love what's he's TRIED with peter.

    I've been collecting ASM since #200 (I've gotten back issues since then) you can't hit on all cylinders for that long without putting out some turds(sins past comes to mind, pure dreck!) some of slots run has been a b- though..

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    The suckage from One More Day/Bland New Day continues it's unending hold on the 616 Spider-Man.

    Thank goodness for Renew Your Vows.
    Undo One More Day, bring back the marriage, and make Spider-Man great again
    Renew Your Vows is the only good Spider-Man book on the market nowadays
    Married Spider-Man is better than Teenage Spider-Man

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